Nithyananda Bhat

Chief Strategic Officer

Bhat heads the overall strategies at Whitehand Services, has more than 16 plus years of experience in accounting, finance and management. He founded Whitehand Services with a vision of providing ethical support to bottom of pyramid people with enhanced social security as a strict compliance. Whitehand Services also enables further leveraging of his experience to provide better services to niche clientele.

Bhat has also founded Contrarian Consulting,which leverages his rich experience and though understanding of finance, accounting and compliance management. He is also sought after by clients for raising private equity funds and has successfully raised venture funds for multiple ventures in his career including mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Whitehand Services, Bhat was a Senior Manager at NichePro Technologies and Finance Manager at Cibersites India and other MNCs. He holds a post-graduate degree in accounting and finance from Mysore University.